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That reasoning should go for the thousands of child-burdened war widows, especially in the north and east, who have suddenly become breadwinners without education or employable skills.If their lives are to be turned around, those women must be provided with education and skills.(Of course, we would all say we were only being curious.) Belief hurdles Religious barricades must be overcome if Sri Lanka is to decriminalize the sex industry.

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Police harassment of sex workers must only put greater burdens on the lives of men and women forced into the trade, mostly because of a lack of alternative employment or a social security network.

In many instances, desperation and the need to provide for children would drive divorced or widowed women to the easy option of sex work.

Clerical meddling in civil matters must be stopped. Mixing religion with a nation’s legal base is bound to cause strife between peoples, as it has devastatingly proved repeatedly.

After all, the clergy is also made up of fallible men and women and their weaknesses are universal.

It’s time for Sri Lanka to decriminalize sex work or validate it in some manner in order to manage what is a decades-old reality.

Bringing prostitution within the bounds of legality will curb the spread of sexual diseases, including AIDS, and remove barriers that drive away social workers from providing these vulnerable men and women medical and counselling assistance.It will eliminate underground criminal elements that now operate brothels and derive the most financial benefit, besides stop exploitation of the desperate and helpless involved in the trade.In our attitude towards these and other less fortunate individuals in society, we must be guided by the Buddhist ideal of compassion.These and other areas of dangerous and violent criminality bear little comparison with someone providing sexual services, at most a benign trade.In addition, sexual crime is bound to increase exponentially if brothels were to be eliminated.But it may be time to stop suffering alone or, alternatively, laughing behind our hands at passed-on secrets.

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