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Note that there's a couple of different ways to handle changes to connection strings as you migrate from Dev to QA to Production.

This describes one way to handle connections by grouping them with parameters.

Honestly, you shouldn't be editing the package to point to another environment before deploying it.

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Associate the job to the appropriate Environment so it automatically detects values which have been set. First thing to do is determine what elements of the package you wish to be able to vary at runtime.

Or, in other words, what may need to be changed by the DBA or system admin without the SSIS developer needing to make a change in SSDT and redeploy the package.

Although it may seem like a lot of steps, it's a one-time setup per environment and makes your SSIS projects very portable and allows for easier manageability of dynamic values that change routinely. This functionality is useful for any number of things, frequently for specifying different values between Dev, QA, and Prod environments.

Note that these SSIS environment variables are a different thing than Windows environment variables, although similarly named.

I think there might be a bug or something inside the SSISDB causing this or internally metadata for project itself is not getting refreshed, but removing and readding worked for me, hopefully it will work for you.

This post discusses how to parameterize connection strings and values at runtime using SSIS environment variables. SSIS Environment Variables provide the mechanism to set values at the time a package is executed.At this point I'd expect that there would not be a required refresh of the metadata, as the schema of the destination table in UAT matches the one in DEV, to which the package was pointed when it was last refreshed.However, the package acts as if it was not updated, and needs its metadata refreshed while explicitly pointing to that system in order to work.I ensure that all connections are project level (not package level) and then I like to parameterize each of my connection strings: In this example I've parameterized the connecting string itself.You can parameterize individual properties like server name, user name, catalog, if you prefer.The concept of SSIS Configurations is no longer applicable with the project deployment mode as they've been replaced with SSIS Environment Variables.

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