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I’ve had several wonderful women write to me requesting advice for dressing stylishly in the fourth and fifth decades.

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If you feel wrong or foolish in it, try something else! Are there other styles you just can’t abide after a certain age? What’s the best thing about being over 40, stylistically speaking?

It’s down to your self-confidence and comfort level in the end. Do you believe there ARE hard and fast style rules for women that are solely contingent on age? You under-40s, how do you feel about the topic of age-appropriate style overall?

Are you a patent attorney writing claims for a patent?

A business manager or inventor trying to assess ideas in a new product?Harry Styles has moved on to the next one — Victoria’s Secret model Nadine Leopold, multiple sources confirm exclusively to Us Weekly.PHOTOS: When Harry dated Taylor Swift "Harry has been getting more serious with Nadine,” one source tells Us of the One Direction star, 20, who first stepped out with the Austrian in Los Angeles this past November after meeting her through CAA agent Jeff Azoff.But I can provide some loose guidelines that would apply to most women over 40 …or anyways the ones who don’t have Madonna’s physique, ones that worry a tiny bit about looking like mutton-dressed-as-lamb.Our Prior Art Database is the first and largest on-line prior art disclosure service.

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