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Ron and David have done an excellent job of taking dating and getting laid into building yourself into a successful man.If you're serious about getting in the game or back in the game then get this book.

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I have found it has increased my confidence with women, and has allowed me to understand some of the whirl of the female mind. I went off to University and in 4 years I found myself barely dating and rarely getting laid.

The best advice from the book: The # 1 fear of women who date is the fear of being harmed or raped. I read this book as an attempt to get back on track.

I didn't know that and now that i do, I approach them in a much kinder & gentler way. This book contains the ins and outs of every step in the process of being successful with women from how to get phone numbers to how to be confident to a checklist of things to do and not do on a date.

This book has allowed me to gain the confidence and equip me with the skills to get back in the game.

The book offers a number of practical suggestions for greeting and dating the winners and steering clear of the losers. I strongly recommend another book to go along with this one: Iron John by Robert Bly.

I recommend Iron John because it is a book about men and for men.

draw validation from your own life, not from relationships with women, and 2.

seek confident women who draw validation from their own lives--who are not needy.

Louis has been researching and writing about gender issues for the past eight years.

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