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Kathy has a deep understanding of the issues unique to senior dating and relationships and has been featured on the radio.

Kathy founded as a way to provide free advice and resources for anyone looking to enter the world of senior dating.

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Summer heat dating jiyong and dara seen dating

Buy tickets for back-to-back flicks, and spend the afternoon in air-conditioned bliss.4.

Have a Zero-Stress Sunday Dinner Who wants to deal with fussy cooking tonight?

Have a Star-Studded Evening To decompress after a long workweek, make your Friday-night date with your man relaxing and romantic. So on Sunday afternoon, take your dude hiking, in-line skating, or biking.

Grab some vino and a blanket to cuddle on while you lie in your yard and gaze at some stars.6. You may not look as polished as you usually do, but he'll be psyched that you want to do something physical.

Well, now that summer is here (and a full-on heat wave is occurring in my little corner of the world) it’s crucial, whether you’re out on a date or just going about your normal business, that you’re properly prepared to deal with the heat and extreme sunshine. When it is hot you need to drink as much water as possible to keep yourself hydrated because your body needs it to function and to keep cool. With the thinning ozone, the time that it takes for our skin to burn is far quicker than it ever was.

Even if you find it heavy to carry, take it with you but only fill it half full.People actually can end up hospitalized in severe cases. If you have any worries about your health and how the heat may be detrimental to your well being, stay inside and read a book, watch TV, do some crafts, clean out a closet or go online.While direct sun is the main cause and a hat will protect your noggin, extreme heat in general and dehydration can also be the cause. Just because it is nice outside, doesn’t mean it is right for you to be out there for extended periods of time.Spend the day splashing around and racing each other down the slides.3.Indulge in a Double Feature Sunday afternoon, head to the movies with your guy or some pals.Fun themes to try: "Which character from The Hills am I?

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