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As the result of this tendency many international agencies have been created in Sumy.

You will also see the profiles of women from Sumy at many international or local Ukrainian dating sites.

With the discovery of iron ore in the Dnipro river region (8th cent. C.), almost all the lands were settled by Scythian farmers. The area was inhabited by the Slavic Siveriany tribes. The Sumy lands were part of Kyivan Rus'-Ukraine, namely the Pereyaslav and the Chernihiv principalities, and in the mid-12th cent., part of Novhorod-Siversky principality. Fierce battles among the various princes were fought, especially during the 1140s.

If the ratio would be equal, then not so many ladies would look to marry aboard and would prefer staying in the atmosphere familiar to them close to the families they love and respect.

One need bearing in mind that relocation is a great challenge in life as well as marrying a person from different country with different culture and different mentality.

The Resurrection Church (1702), the oldest structure in the town, is still in fair preservation, owing to recent restoration work. Pantaleon was erected in 1911 to a design by Aleksey Shchusev and is scored to resemble medieval monuments of Novgorod and Pskov. Beside the church there are tombs of the Kharytonenkos and Sukhanovs with artistic monuments by the famous sculptors A. The exposition and the funds of the museum number over 15,000 museum pieces.

The exposition occupies eight rooms of the two-storey mansion that was built in the late 19th early 20th century by G.

It is possible to see this emblem on the cast-iron poles, ornamental fences and on hatches in the old part of the city Sumy is located in the northeastern part of Ukraine. Sumy's climate is moderate continental: cold and snowy winters, and hot summers. In 1905 it was given to the printing house and publishing house of the first Sumy newspapers. "Abbacia and the Adriatic Sea are wonderful, but Luka and Psiol are better" he wrote in his letter from Italy to his friends in Sumy in 1894.

The seasonal average temperatures are not too cold in winter, not too hot in summer: −6.9 C (20 F) in January and 20.3 C (68.5 F) in July. The work on the decorative design was not completed because of the revolutionary events of 1917. It was started from nationalized private collections of the town and district. Nikanor Onatsky Regional Art Museum in Sumy is a state museum in Sumy, Ukraine.

Sumy is a twin town of Celle, Germany since January 17, 1990. Today the museum is one of the most outstanding art centers which contains unique paintings and works of applied art.

The name of the town Sumy (sounds like old-Russian word "bags") comes from the name of the river Sumka, which flows in the central part of the city. The building of the early 20th century originally belonged to the State Bank. In the years of fascist occupation the most important items of its collections were lost.

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It is a neoclassical structure of the 18th century, extensively repaired and reconstructed in 1858 and in the 1880s, when the 56 meter (180 ft) high bell tower was added. The museum was formed on the basis of local private collections that had been nationalized and O.

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