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16, 2010) CARSON CITY – A handful of state lawmakers have tried and failed over the years to establish a voucher plan for Nevada students, giving parents a share of their taxes spent on public education so they can pick a school that best meets the needs of their children.Two bills were introduced in the Assembly in 2009 to begin such programs. “I believe that we need to give the choice of education back to parents and get them involved,” he said after the speech.“We have 142 schools in the state of Nevada that are rated as the worst schools in the nation.” Gibbons said parents of students attending these schools should have the choice to go elsewhere.

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“I have no preference for whether a voucher goes to school or to a parent,” Gibbons said.

“If the constitution will allow for it, I’m happy to send it directly to parents.” Woodbury said the proposal would provide 75 percent of the local school district’s pupil support to the private school.

Licensed schools must use licensed teachers and follow other requirements.

Students would have to pass the high school proficiency exam to earn a diploma.

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“We fully intend on amending the proclamation between now and sine die (the end of the session),” Reedy said.

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