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Passionate about art (visual and performing) Love cats, dogs, chincullas, rabbits and humans.

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It made me a little shy and interested at the same time,” Hubschman says. And Hubschman told him she is attracted to gay men.

So they shared a few drinks on the back deck of the gay East Atlanta bar and Hubschman asked him, “What do you want from me? “But they usually don’t buy me drinks and remember what I was wearing the first time we met,” she says.“I said, ‘Well, girls like you don’t normally like boys like me,’” Harrison says.“Attractive and nice? I know exactly what to do with boys like you,” she says she told him.

I am looking for someone with the same interest like going outside or just staying at home cuddling...someone who talks about her self and listening as well., who does not flirt around while …

i am that person that sits in the background and listens some prefer not to approach me and some do. do not like to be lied to like straight forward people and enjoy the little things in life . Love hiking, snowshoeing and X-country skiing (although I kinda suck, but don't give up).

Even if I’m not someone’s cup of tea, don’t be rude,” he suggests. Atlanta Eagle, Hubschman says she and Harrison have found strong acceptance in the leather community and at the Atlanta Eagle. Hubshman says respect is critical when dating a trans person or any person.“As someone who dates any type of person, whether they have trans experience or not, you should be respectful of peoples bodies and boundaries, period. You might also like: My Partner’s Bi and So Am I and My Partner’s Gay. Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Trans Person (That Have Been Said to Me)Poly Is.

But there are still the naysayers.“Some gay men don’t understand why I hang around the Atlanta Eagle. Be sensitive to any person’s body issues and realize we all have different kinds of bodies and shapes and sizes no matter who you are. He doesn’t want to be viewed as a “token” or “fetish.” While he doesn’t speak for all trans people, Harrison says there are common insights.“First, people need to understand that being trans or having transgender experience has nothing to do with sexuality,” he says. “Don’t ask inappropriate questions and expect anything different than the same questions back.”What works for Harrison is putting out that he is trans pretty quickly.“I let them decide if they want to continue talking or hanging out. My life changes every time I visit other countries and experience other cultures. I love to smile, laugh, and make peoples day brighter whenever I can. I like camping and being outside, just relaxing in the fresh air and getting away from the stress of everything - sleeping in a tent, cooking over an open fire, there's nothing like it. Also I absolutely love sports, especially soccer because I've been playing all my life, but any sport really I love to play or watch.I like to think I'm pretty down to earth, though I have my moments where I'm up in the clouds. I'm super artsy, I sing and play ukulele and i write songs but i never finish them.Hubschman, 35, and Harrison, 37, are an example of an issue gaining more traction and interest in the LGB world ― dating and having sex with transgender people.

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