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However, there is more depth to her and she is a likeable character, which fuels a lot of the movie.

You feel for her, as Stifler unwittingly destroys her dreams.

This is the first mistake Rash makes with his movie: misunderstanding that a fellow Stifler does not make a principal hero.

The opening sequence is painfully unfunny as it tries to make the audience side with him ruining a graduation ceremony by lacing the orchestra’s instruments with pepper spray.

Steve Talley might have struggled with poor writing in the other spin-offs, but at least he made something new out of his Stifler.

Matt Stifler is simply devoid of redemptive qualities, which makes his addition to Band Camp quite painful to watch.

And slowly we begin to see Stifler through her eyes. His antics are frustratingly annoying at first, but slowly they show an endearing quality.

As Stifler plays ‘Play that Funky Music, White Boy’ with the bagpipes, the first smile is cracked and you realise he has finally gotten to you.

Slowly the character begins to care for those around him and as he tries to turn around the damage he has caused, you side with Matt.

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