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We feel terrible that we are unhappy that our dear friend or sibling is successful.

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I also am very interested in Tantra which is basically a term framing a certain lifestyle.

This lifestyle allowed me to deeply understand relationships and the way they work but more importantly Tantra helped me to understand people and the way they think.

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I am a sociologist focusing on behaviour within large groups, my main focus though was always on individuals and the change in their behaviour while being influenced by random factors.

How and why they structure their reactions in certain situations in a certain way.

Therefore I was/am able to help others not only to analyse their current state but also to determine the underlying problem that triggers all. I will be learning my whole life that's for sure but I do believe that even now thanks to my education, personal experience and most importantly thank to the access to a large community of otherwise hardly reachable relationship tantric masters I am able to help others.

Since I had a very good starting point thanks to my university I quickly found my way around and was learning and implementing everything I could.

Tantra helped me to understand how and why people deal with problems.

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Especially you will learn how to love in the Present moment which will make a huge difference with all the vibes and signals coming from your body.

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