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The tea note is what separated it from other celeb scents. I see on here that its voted as more of a summer fragrance. Its even a bit too sharp and sweet at first spray since the top is a huge blast of blackberry, peach, and white floral. But the dry down is nice and sugary honeysuckle vanilla... However sillage is noticeable weaker around the 4 hour mark, but that's ok.It truly smells like a fresh cup of fruit tea (as noticed by pearlbelle also), even a bit christmassy! PS: Boyfriend loves it, that's always a plus :) Wonderstruck is like a warm cup of tea just made, it's beautiful and I feel very royal when I wear this (could be because of the purple bottle) and it's just so innocent and sparkly, perfect for wearing around the campfire on Christmas Eve or walking in the snow during the winter. I fell in love with it when I smelled it in a magazine add.

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) I purchase this wondestruck 100ml in lazada philippines for 30$usd. It has a golden printing with a metalic blue color and a beautiful design. I got the fruit and vanilla with the unique aspect of tea. Only vaguely and very briefly, can you smell any floral notes in this. I feel like it's going to give me a toothache, never felt like this about another fragrance and all of my perfumes are very sweet for the most part. I knew i didnt love this one from having it years ago, but i was willing to take most anything to get rid of that Queen which i never wore. It smells really, really good a day later when you smell it on your coat or what have you. I honestly don't see myself wearing this, ultimately. I was surprised at the poor longevity and sillage, seeing how Enchanted was very strong.... This is its shy little sister:) Lastly, i wanted to say... Anyway, the lasting power is good and the bottle is pretty awesome, it's like a mana potion (and Enchanted is the healing potion from Diablo : D ) I have commented on Wonderstruck before and have now snatched up a small bottle for few Euros in a drug store yesterday because of my cravings that none of my "socially accepted grown-up" fragrances can satisfy...

The only positive this fragrance has going for it in my eyes is the longevity, only 3 sprays in a morning and it will last up until late evening. Pretty bottle, but Wonderstruck Enchanted is more complex and less sweet I find. So thank you fragrantica member Eyviab for the quick swap:) My nose has changed A LOT over the years, so i had to try again. Smells really sweet syrupy, some honeysuckle floral and vanillic-definitely with some blackberry of some sort. Because of that, This might be good for people who thought Enchanted was too strong. This smells nothing like britney spears Fantasy, or katy perry purr/meow, or other ones i saw listed IMO at least. Initially I wanted a bigger bottle because of the charms but I'm being more smart about my perfume purchases as of late - knowing I'll eventually never use it up. Although the crimson enchanted version is tempting...

For me the green tea makes it a bit more interesting and not just a typical sweet perfume. I don’t know what’s up with my nose, but there’s something in the drydown that reminds me of rice pudding. Might be a good base for layering if anyone has any ideas as to how to give this stuff some life! It's basically body spray strength and longevity in a cute bottle.

I hate to do negative reviews but I was really expecting more from this. As for the scent, it's a fruity sweet maybe slightly floral genre.

I could see this as a gift for a young teenager or someone who doesn't smell a lot of perfumes and doesn't know that perfume is supposed to be double this strength. Knowing full well that it is a weak formula and I still could not smell it 2 hours later, mind you my skin is more oily than dry and tends to hold perfume easily.

I usually only spray my Dior once or my Chanels twice (anymore than that and I feel like a "Rude" person assaulting people with my scent...) and can smell them 8 to 12 hours later most of the time when I wake up in the morning....The berries make it sour, the vanilla makes it sweet and the green tea makes it fresh. This is an entirely average and forgettable perfume. It wears very close to the skin, and does not last particularly long.I especially get raspberry, peach and green tea with a hint of vanilla. Would not purchase this, and probably would return it if given it as a gift due to lack of space.Notes of golden amber, musk, sandalwood and peach are in the base. This is one of the perfumes that start with something and end with something completely different. Actually I have smelled this scent for three times at the store.Wonderstruck will be available from October in 50 ml and 100 ml bottles with an accompanying collection for body care. Starts off sweet with generic celebrity top notes but the dry down is amazing. Opening is fresh and green with raspberry, peach, and blackberry tea. I decided to buy this perfume since it's sweet, nice and it has the aura of a good girl. Furthermore, this perfume bottle is very beautiful for decorating your desk.I eyed this perfume for so long and finally got it.

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