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But under no circumstances is abusive behavior acceptable.Early warning signs of an abusive relationship include having the other person: Teens are not always willing to “tell” on their boy/girlfriend.

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Who Can Help Besides food and coffee, Cup O’Karma serves several purposes: Job skills and workforce development and training, onsite advocacy and referral resources, and is a casual, safe environment for at-risk community members to seek information.

All proceeds fund NATN programs and transitional housing (SEEDS) Additional information about Cup O’Karma and the National Advocacy and Training Network SEEDS program is available at

Teens are still developing their identities, forming concepts about the world and the relationships around them. Prevention Is the Key – Be Aware of the Signs Speaking to your children about healthy relationships and healthy boundaries are just as important these days as the “sex talk.” Teens especially, need to know that they deserve and are worthy of a relationship that consists of: It’s important for parents and teens to know the early warning signs of abusive relationships.

Frequently, these signs emerge slowly and go unnoticed, often being excused as “having a bad day” or blamed on someone or something else.

More and more teenagers are entering into abusive relationships and the violence does not stop there.

Often the cycle of abuse becomes the norm and continues into their adult relationships as domestic violence.

Additional resources include: The information provided on is provided by the cooperative efforts among health and fitness professionals in each respective community.

This information is not a substitute for medical attention.

Teen Dating Violence is defined as "the physical, sexual, psychological, or emotional violence within a dating relationship, including stalking.

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