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A first date can reduce you to a nervous wreck, especially if you’ve met your date online and so haven’t met face-to-face before. To help make your first date less scary and more enjoyable, we’ve asked David Miller from disability dating site Disability uk for his tips on how to ace your first date.

So, your online dating profile has been perfected (if it’s not quite right, see my previous article on writing the best online profile) and you’ve found a suitable match, so now it’s time to meet for real.

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Comedy venues are also good places for first dates because people are being witty and amusing for you, so it takes away the some of the pressure.

Wherever you go, make sure you leave plenty of time to arrive at the date so that you don’t keep the other person waiting – lateness is never a good first impression.

A quiet bar or pub is an obvious choice, but there are lots of other options that might work better for you.

Depending on your shared interests, which you have probably discussed online.

But to really make sure your date doesn’t miss you, why not wear or be doing something distinctive that you can tell them about, such as carrying a rose. So, once you have found each other, how do you greet your date for the first time? If you’re really unsure, why not mention it to them before you meet?

Should you do a hand shake, a cheek kiss, or a hug? Make a light joke of it so it isn’t awkward when you’re face-to-face.The one thing you should try to avoid at this stage is trading relationship histories.If the topic turns to other people you have met from the dating site, then this should be handled diplomatically. Instead, be positive and say; “I have been in contact with other members, but your profile was the one that really struck a chord with me, so I am delighted to finally meet you.” Focus on the present and the future, and don’t hark back to things that went wrong for you romantically in the past.Ask them questions, but make them light and easy until you’re date is well under way.For example, ask about their hobbies, what their job is like, where they have travelled to etc.In your pre-meet conversations with your date, you’ll have covered this, so that you both know you’ll be comfortable.

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