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There’s something about reality dating shows that we just can’t get enough of. until the big twist: a fifth, obnoxious person (or… If that’s not dating show gold, we just don’t know what is. This has been determined via extensive interviews with family members and friends, personality tests and professional matchmakers. had the most ridiculous premise ever: the single dater goes on dates with three moms who try and convince him/her to date their son/daughter. This cultural phenomenon was, dare we say it, actually a fascinating character study. A “millionaire” is looking for love among several hopeful women. Because President Clinton had such a good personality?

Maybe it’s the schadenfreude-factor, but it’s SO FUN watching people go out on really terrible, terrible dates. Jen Abidor and Dave Quinn go through them one by one, alphabetically, of course. The contestants are tasked to try and figure out which fellow contestant is their perfect match. I get it.” “Yeah, and then halfway through the show, when she feels like she’s actually falling for one of the dudes based on his personality, we’ll bring in super hot guys and see how she does.” “Perfect. The dater then chooses which of the three he/she wants to date. Or because he wore a mask over his face while in flagrante? was the perfect trendy dating show for the millennial attention span of approximately 5 seconds. One contestant spills the beans on what they’re looking for in a suitor.

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