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You can use this intimate time as you please; there are no set rules to follow!

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“While my hope for all people is that they experience great orgasms, having an orgasm is not the end-all-be-all.

Feel comfortable enough to do whatever feels good.” If you’re thinking about having sex, it’s important to consider the different contraception options beforehand.

“As they get more comfortable with their partner and their partner knows them and they know themselves, that becomes more common.” Contrary to popular belief, it’s rare that you’ll reach the grand finale solely from intercourse, even with experience.

“It’s generally not common for women to have orgasms with intercourse, and most don’t,” Liberman says.

It’s always smart to have backup in case things get heated and he doesn’t have protection on him! Ernst wants girls to know that Plan B (emergency contraception) is now offered over-the-counter and is a viable option for collegiettes.

You’re used to pre-test jitters and the anxiousness associated with going on a first date, but this is a whole new playing field. “It’s normal to feel anxious because [having intercourse] is probably unlike anything you’ve done before, and so like anything new, it can be scary,” Liberman says.

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“Foreplay suggests that it’s not as important as intercourse, whereas most women can orgasm during this time,” Liberman says.

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