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The courtship process Nearly all the children in Ahrons’ study reported their parents dated or remarried within two years of separation.

One-third said one of their parents started dating within a year of separation.

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As a result, children felt left out, abandoned and less likely to trust their fathers.

Ahrons says that children who knew their new stepmothers well before remarriage were more accepting of the new relationships.

Children tend to know their mothers’ new husbands very well before remarriage.

When the remarriage takes place, children are not as affected as they may have been if they had been surprised by the remarriage.

Older children resent seeing their mothers showing affection to other men.

Dealing with their mothers’ overt sexuality can be troubling and confusing for teens.

Many will challenge authority at every opportunity, and the more a stepparent or new partner tries to serve as a parent, the more resistant children will be.

Ahrons says it is best for the new parent figure to serve as a friend rather than an authority figure.

Children may become more upset when their fathers date than when their mothers date.

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