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I’m just about thirty years old now and have been single for a year and dating quite a bit.Dating now is a bit different than it was before; there are many more fears than getting the latest disease.I remember spilling a glass of red wine on my crotch once while a date was in the bathroom (we were eating outdoors on a busy street) and forgot to explain it as we walked off, I’m sure it was pretty embarrassing for her to walk with me down the street (BTW I recovered from that epic failure).

Take your time when getting to know someone online and don’t let yourself fall in love right off the bat.

A relationship that develops slowing and with caution is the BEST.

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With each passing episode, I am learning that Don Draper (the show’s protagonist) is a huge, huge slut.

I talk about 16 women in this post alone, and I’m not even up to Season 5 yet. He believes it’s something he invented to sell nylons.

His many, many hoes give him enough of that already.

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