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There are jobs that require more than the usual eight hours, and if one could meet and be with someone who would be willing to overcome these sorts of relationship struggles, then time spent cultivating such a relationship would be worth it.

Dating websites are now becoming highly specific towards pairing people with similar tastes, likes, dislikes and experiences.

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You have less risk of rejection because you usually email or message each other before talking about actual dating.

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Sea Captains, going into a date with a fellow 'sea-worker', will know that the other person shares some common interests already.

In the same vein, a military man will be comfortable knowing that the person he is going out with knows what it's like to live constantly at commanders' beck and call.

There are countless issues that can arise out of office affairs, but the most pressing one seems to be related to sexual harassment and related concerns.

It's not too bad for employees in regular offices, but how about those with unconventional jobs?

Those who are in the same profession have another thing in common: when they are at work, they share almost the exact same routine. Some professions just do not allow for much time to go about looking and preparing to meet other people.

Dating portals could take care of this task for them, lining up potential dates and professionally making matches for these busybodies.

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Looking to meet and communicate with other physically attractive people who share your personality, interests, lifestyle, and values?

People in highly specialized professions will appreciate this category of dating the most.

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