Tips for dating an introvert

This isn't to say that you need to give up your enthusiasm for exploring the world, but by slowing down you learn the art of savoring.Step back and watch your introverted partner approach a problem with a (seemingly) laid-back resoluteness.

I know it feels as though you're being tied down when you don't speak at every impulse, but allowing others their turn and their say goes a long way in building trust and rapport. However, these experiences drain introverts and they cannot wait to escape.

So, spend time creating a list of questions you might ask an introverted date to draw him out. It feels personal if he wants to end the night early, when truthfully, he's just drained from the noise and energy of all the people.

We don’t waste our time with people we’re not completely crazy about.

If we agreed to go on a date with you, we like you. Some days we can talk for hours, but sometimes we’re not so good at replying and talking on the phone.

Introverts are often attracted to that unbridled sense of adventure and love that comes along with you, especially if don't have to do the planning.

But, all of that enthusiasm quickly becomes overwhelming and exhausting to them.

So, here are my three best tips for being a great (extroverted) date: 1. They gave time and attention to listen to your thoughts and feelings.

When you interrupt or steam-roll over their less-dominant way of communicating, they feel their words are unimportant. Going to a big party, nightclub, or popular restaurant makes you feel alive.

He or she will be the first to suggest you put up your feet, have a glass of wine, and snuggle on the couch by the fire.

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