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Reportedly in 2015, Helena Cassadine and Victor Cassadine had liquidated most of Cassadine Industries in order to finance their personal "projects".In 2015, Nikolas Cassadine obtained control of ELQ in order to save his family empire.During the Prohibition era, Port Charles was known to have ties to the mafia, which, as later recounted in an episode in 2002, operated at least one speakeasy in the city.

Port Charles is depicted as a separate metropolitan area; its description and location relative to Buffalo and Syracuse suggest a thinly disguised version of Rochester itself. Digital displays on phones seen on screen show a "716" area code prefix, which is the area code for the Buffalo-Niagara area and the western end of New York State.

Separate from but proximate to both Rochester and Buffalo, and located on a body of water (as "Port" would indicate), the most likely location for Port Charles would be on Lake Ontario north of Batavia, lending credence to the theory that Port Charles represents Rochester. The area code for Rochester was changed to "585" in 2002, but was "716" from 1947 to 2001.

On several occasions it has been implied (but never openly stated) that the opposite shore across from Port Charles Harbour is located in Canada.

The Point is a high vantage point in the woods of Port Charles.

It has been the site of romantic outings, a place for quiet introspection, and the scene of several accidents involving cars falling (or nearly falling) into the lake below.

Also referred to as Lookout Point and Vista Point, it is located on the same road as Shadybrook Sanitarium, and meets Harbor View Road and Old Bluff Road at a three-way intersection.In December 2005, a single Cassandine Industries account was estimated to be worth million at the time.As of May 2009, Cassadine Industries was estimated to be worth over 20 billion dollars.The Elm Street Pier (Luke Spencer's childhood home) and Kelly's Diner, a local eatery, are located here, and Bobbie Spencer owns a restored brownstone at 1424 Elm Street on the Waterfront, where several characters have lived. Cassadine Industries is a large international conglomerate, which was founded by the Cassadine family in the late 1970s as a front to cover for their dirty dealings.But the business took off, being controlled by Mikkos Cassadine, Stavros Cassadine, Helena Cassadine, and Nikolas Cassadine amongst others.Port Charles, New York, is the fictional setting of the ABC Daytime soap operas General Hospital and its spin-offs Port Charles and General Hospital: Night Shift.

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