Tracking and elucidating alphavirus host protein interactions

(1997) The SH3 domain of amphiphysin binds the proline-rich domain of dynamin at a single site that defines a new SH3 binding consensus sequence. Pineda-Lucena A, Ho CS, Mao DY, Sheng Y, Laister RC, et al.

(2005) A structure-based model of the c-Myc/Bin1 protein interaction shows alternative splicing of Bin1 and c-Myc phosphorylation are key binding determinants. Lastarza MW, Grakoui A, Rice CM (1994) Deletion and duplication mutations in the C-terminal nonconserved region of Sindbis virus ns P3: effects on phosphorylation and on virus replication in vertebrate and invertebrate cells. Masumi A, Aizaki H, Suzuki T, Du Hadaway JB, Prendergast GC, et al.

Although green fluorescent protein (GFP) has been widely applied for visualization of proteins, it has been relatively little used as a tool for the isolation of protein complexes.

tracking and elucidating alphavirus host protein interactions-56tracking and elucidating alphavirus host protein interactions-74

Among the four non-structural proteins of alphaviruses the function of ns P3 is the least well understood.

Ns P3 is a component of the viral replication complex, and composed of a conserved aminoterminal macro domain implicated in viral RNA synthesis, and a poorly conserved carboxyterminal region.

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coli O157: H7 actin assembly effectors Tir and Esp F(U) during pedestal formation. Grabs D, Slepnev VI, Songyang Z, David C, Lynch M, et al.

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