Tracy ryerson dating kenny wormald and ashley dating

“I am also grateful that I have the memory of this experience forever.

My grandmother was a part of this and showed that a traditional old school Catholic Latin woman can love the lesbian kid she raised no matter what.

Everyone else in the cast has sort of drifted for me. She and I had a 15 year friendship, but life does get in the way.

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It’s like a survival reality show—you have to constantly reevaluate your actions and change your game plan. But I am a big kid so I always leave room for spontaneous acts to keep it interesting.

I came home late the other night past the kids’ bedtime and I yelled out, “Frozen yogurt time kiddies, let’s go.” They were in pajamas and looking at me like I was nuts, but they loved it, and I know they will remember that experience for a very long time. Tracy just smiles, sometimes you can’t control the crazy.

Tracy Ryerson (born April, 1980) is a producer, model and reality show cast member on Showtime's lesbian reality series, "The Real L Word".

She is currently in a relationship with fellow cast member and comic, Stamie Karakasidis.

Oh yes, and they started this game when they walk into the room dressed up like one of our family members, and you have to guess who they are. Are you more of a “follow your own path,” free-spirited mom, or more of a set daily schedule, Ethel Tenenbaum type? I like to think that I am a free-spirited mom and anything goes, but with kids if you don’t set some structure they own you, and it’s painful.

Motherhood is ever-changing and you have to grow and learn constantly.

On average, how many cups of coffee a day do you have to consume to make it through? I realize what the hell they meant when they made these odd statements growing up.

At first, I thought my younger girlfriend Tracy Ryerson would keep me awake, but once I realized she passes out at 9 p.m., I knew I had to change my approach. Parenthood is challenging, and my parents were immigrants and did a wonderful job opening a business and raising a family without knowing the language.

Since I share my kids equally with my ex-partner Julie, I make my two to three espressos a day to keep me going, and then when they go to their Mommy’s house, I pass out for a 24-hour period and then start all over again. I realize that I want some of the traditions I had taken for granted to be part of the kids’ lives. In my mind, I’m still in my 20s and still expect my mom to cook her famous homemade spanakopita with her homemade dough. What advice would you give to lesbians considering having children? Keep it private, map out a plan and make sure all parties involved are legally protected.

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