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She asked him about it and he told her he only got arrested for a traffic violation (not true, probably didn’t show up to court).

We met at an upscale boutique hotel lobby here in the Atlanta area and it was us three brothas who like sistas with stripper bodies and it was three sistas who were all stacked hard!

I didn’t know these guys but they were like the best friends I ever had as we were gawking these sistas when we saw them come in like little kids at the ice cream truck!

My Experience with Group Dating A few weeks ago, I did a group dating event and this was an experiment that someone is working on to create this type of site in the African-American community.

I told her that I wanted to date stripper/model type sistas and hang with brothas who like those kind of sistas.

But nowadays, I’m scare to death to meet anybody online.

Back in the days, I remember all the episodes of sistas saying they thick in the right places when they really meant they are thick in all places.Not only I met new people, but I met people that my shallow behind like to see and that really made me felt really good about being there.It was like those cruise ships where they put all the singles people at the table but you specify what kind of sexy you want to see and they deliver that for you.Here is a You Tube featuring an old-school Tracye Hutchins and Elle Duncan on it.As you see in the video, everybody had nothing but positive things to say about it.I do not want to be sitting across from some sista who keep busting out in songs and I know yall sistas don’t want to sit across from some guy looking nervous hoping you sistas don’t check his name against a public records web site.

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