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She had a confused childhood, often inviting her parents’ anger for wearing her sister’s dress or playing with girls.

Her parents even took her to local doctors and traditional healers in the hope of ‘curing’ their child, but it didn’t change anything.

They can legally undergo sex-change operations, but only if preceded by sterilisation.

Ahead of the day, the campaign group Transgender Europe released a report claiming that, between 20, there were “more than 1,700 reported killings of transgender and gender- diverse people” around the world.

The number of murdered transgender people in Turkey, at 37 according to the group, was the highest total in Europe.

Also, earlier this year, an Istanbul-based group opened Turkey’s first shelter for transgender women.“We are more and more visible, and more people know what our needs and issues are.

But, at the same time, there is an increasing conservatism, which may lead to a backlash against the community,” said Kemal Ordek, a long-time transgender rights activist.

Even walking on the street there, I would be killed.”Even Izmir can be a dangerous place.

Only two weeks ago, a transgender woman was stabbed in the back there, and Ms Ozenen says she is regularly threatened and harassed.About four years later, Akkai disclosed to her brother that she wanted to be a girl.Her brother was the first to accept her as she is, and he tried to convince their parents, who still wouldn’t change their minds and continued to believe that she would change.Akkai tried to make herself believe that she was a boy, but she strongly felt otherwise.At the age of 12, feeling confused and lonely, she tried to kill herself twice.As a candidate for the recently founded progressive nationalist party Anadolu, Ms Ozenen acknowledges that she has only a slim chance of passing the 10 per cent threshold to enter parliament, but she believes that she is making a difference nonetheless.“I am a pioneer. So, in the next elections, maybe there will be more LGBT candidates…

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