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It's a great way for teens to express themselves and enjoy the things they like. Last year, young 6th grade me was reading fan fiction and rebelling my parents.One day I signed up for tumblr (without my parents permission).I like marking my territory as well as being marked by others, like leaving bite marks, bruises, and welts (from consensual impact play of course).

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The only place you really get into trouble is if you start following porn blogs, or things of a similar nature.

Now, I won't lie, sometimes there isn't much you can do to prevent stumbling across some inappropriate things, but it's very easy to block/unfollow blogs that post such things.

Before I was just reading stuff online, now I was talking to people. Now none of them were very bad (a couple bad things but mostly from people my age) but on this website I did see a bit of nudity. I felt responsible for a person I don't knows life.

I cracked and told my parents about my 5 month long rebel.

I have all kinds of fetishes and fantasies, and I can't ever stop thinking about sex, literally. This is my first blog and I have recently gotten into tumblr.

Feel free to share your dirty thoughts and sexy pictures!

porn blogs tend to follow other blogs that do not post porn. i do recommend to wait as long as you can to get one if you are adamant on getting one.

I constantly use it to look at memes and arts and crafts.

However, your experience is largely determined by the blogs you follow.

Tumblr is great if you follow blogs on things like TV shows, movies, or celebrities you like, or if you follow blogs that just post pretty, artistic pictures.

it's also good for people with anxiety and can't look at another social media website without having a panic attack because people tag their posts and with a special extension can make it so you can't see it. there are a lot of blogs that are just bots that post porn.

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