Types of dating relationships

These findings suggest that university students seek for long-term and committed relationships.Love Relationships: What Types of Relationships Do University Students Seek Romantic relationship between partners is part of everyone's life.The survey investigated the types of relationships university students sought or were involved in, the levels of commitment and communication, relationship satisfaction or relationships length.

On both studies sex did not have any impact on the results, which showed again that the prediction was correct.

To sum up, university students sought for romantic partners that were matches to them to some degree and they tended to overlook the personalities that their partners had that were not ideal to them.

The expected result was that romantic love relationships would correlate with positive related states such as happiness, more than passion, which fell into arousal states with concerns and confusion.

Women displayed more affiliation cues than men by the way they smiled.

They predicted their results based on the emotions participants felt in the two types of relationships.

They selected 63 heterosexual couples from a college and one condition was that the length of their relationship must have been at least three months.

In order to determine what types of relationships do university students seek or have, the relationships length, levels of communication and commitment, and relationship satisfaction were considered.

The prediction was that the more students are involved in a relationship, the more satisfied they feel, and the more level of commitment and communication they seek.

In one study conducted by Knox, Schacht and Zusman (1999), they were interested in the types of relationships undergraduate students were involved in or looked for.

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