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If you still do not believe, we have one fact that will make you to change your mind: the breast size of an average Ukrainian woman is 3 or 4. But against a good healthy body the statistics of abortion data showed a good low in 2014 but increased in 2016.Specialists make some connections with economic and political situation of the country: bad food and stress give such result.

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So as you see the tendency of increasing the number of marriages today gives a mild view.

That explains a good wish of a woman to have a family.

Standing 8ft 4ins tall in his bare feet, Mr Stadnyk, 33, is believed to be, by a considerable distance, the tallest living man in the world.

The softly-spoken giant, who lives in a remote village in Ukraine, is a clear seven inches taller than the Guinness world record holder.

Today we would like to talk about this point in post reasonable way.

So how do women know when they are ready and what is the reason of their decision?

Yes, in Ukraine - the autumn and summer type of a woman.

Timid but cautious, average woman to marry is generous and sociable, sincere and decent with open shiny round face, firm chin and green or brown eyes.

Foreign men give a frequent question: do Ukrainian women have different attitude to sexual culture?

Sometimes they are meant so shy that it is almost impossible to denote if a woman is interested or not.

Mothers and grannies give a certain sign to a young lady with a sigh: “it’s time”.

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