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One day in the early 1990s, Ewalt watched construction workers dismantling the conspicuous neon sign of the Adonis “like they were cutting a loaf of bread.” He realized history was being lost, and it spurred him to start collecting signs and memorabilia in a preservation effort that now commandeers most of his apartment.

Partly, he told me, the signs were really beautiful; “but I kind of like that they all played a part in the timeline of the sexual revolution.” Back at the Bijou, I clocked the age and builds of the other men: older, mostly 50s, some with bellies, others wearing clothes and baseball caps that made them seem closeted, possibly married.

You won’t even find it on Yelp, as mentions of it are pretty much confined to cruising sites — a rather amazing feat in the media-saturated East Village.

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By the 1970s, the subterranean rooms were absorbing glam rock and avant garde punk, including sounds by The Stilettos, featuring an up-and-coming Debbie Harry.

Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones even took a turn at the theater in 1990, launching a music club that seems to have lasted a red hot second.

(“The ladies room’s right here,” says one character to Wranger.

“I guess it doesn’t get much use,” Wranger says, to which his friend replies: “Guess again.”) By the time Ewalt came along, these Times Square theaters were already pretty run down — mold on the walls, water in the basement — but they retained a certain voyeuristic appeal, and men came to trawl for sex, watch drag queens like Chi Chi La Rue, or, like Ewalt himself, revel in the subversive thrill of it all.There was a framed poster on the wall: As I descended to the lobby, the smell of cleaning fluid wafted up.Downstairs, a well-groomed Latino man sat behind a ticket window where signs advertised “films from unknown studios/filmmakers” and hours of 8 p.m. No words were spoken; no words are needed in a place like this.The soundtrack was the man’s belt buckle, clattering to the floor. It is an incredible space, but then the Bijou Film Forum, like the Adonis, has its own remarkable history.In the 1950s and 60s, when drag was still considered dangerously subversive (and illegal), queens performed a famous revue here in the mafia-run Club 82, “New York’s After-Dark Rendezvous.” Elizabeth Taylor was known to drop by, along with other forward-thinking celebrities, and it’s said that Errol Flynn once played the piano with his penis.Have fun seeing this ultra hardcore photos of some nasty Japanese girls offering blowjobs and getting penetrated bareback with no mosaic film masking. 42 uncensored Japanese girls go triple XXX in this hardcore underground photo gallery. This volume also has 48 Urabon girls in 48 photo galleries and features some very intense boner images and some rare urabon from the vaults. Completely uncensored and the most widely distributed illegal porn in the alleys of Japan. Urabon Volume.4 is all hardcore uncensored girls from Tokyo sucking and fucking anything that even resembles a rod. (uncensored raw)This month we present Special 2005 Volume.3 of Urabon Mania! All photos are uncensored and all the penetration shots are done in bareback (no condom).

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