Updating 3dr network

Still not seeing the orange LED flash rapidly after holding the Pair button for 15 seconds?Follow these troubleshooting steps: 1.) Turn the vehicle off.They have added new flight control systems, introduced extra features to the Solo App and expanded their SDK software.

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Knowing how to update your 3DR Solo firmware to the latest version is very important.

The Solo firmware upgrades will fix bugs in the software along with adding new flight features giving you a far better flying and filming experience.

Burst Mode: allows your Go Pro HERO 4 to shoot up to 30 stills in one second.

Drone Kit-Python 2.0: This software development kit is designed for use in supporting advanced usage like high-level path planning, computer vision and 3D maps.

Upgrading the firmware software on the Solo remote controller and quadcopter is pretty easy.

The whole process takes approximately 15 mins overall.Only carry out the firmware update when the aircraft is landed.Batteries Charged: Have at least 50% in your batteries before starting the update.Once you know your Solo quadcopter is flying correctly, then bring it back in and upgrade the firmware. You definitely don’t want the family pet licking your ear or sitting on your tablet, Solo remote controller or quadcopter during the update.On the Ground: Do not try to perform the Solo firmware update while the aircraft is still flying in the air.If the download is interrupted, then you may have a corrupt firmware. Check the Solo Wifi signal between remote controller and Solo quadcopter is also strong.

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