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The expression Len = reclength specifies the size of each record in bytes.

Use the Put statement to add or replace records into files opened for random access.

To replace records, use a Put statement, specifying the position of the record you want to replace; for example: You could delete a record by clearing its fields, but the record would still exist in the file.

You could use the following code to open a file: Dim File Num As Integer, Rec Length As Long, Employee As Person ' Calculate the length of each record.

Rec Length = Len B(Employee) ' Get the next available file number.

This includes user-defined types, which correspond to records in the file, as well as standard types for other variables that hold data related to processing a file opened for random access.

Before opening a file for random access, define a type that corresponds to the records the file does or will contain.

The bytes in random-access files form identical records, each containing one or more fields.

A record with one field corresponds to any standard type, such as an integer or fixed-length string.

This is odd as i also retested my original method and this also worked(Seek & Put).

When you say Put the Data in memory, do you mean in a Temporary File or a Variable. Your logic worked out properly and i can now update the records.

Net application that uses Random Access File storage to store all the records.

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