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Your system will restart and you’ll now be without any video drivers installed.

This means that we can go ahead and install the latest and clean versions of the drivers to your system and hopefully resolve any issues you might have been experiencing.

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Nevertheless, even if you’re running a more modern AMD card then you still might find some of the tips below useful.

Have you been having driver issues with your ATI card?

Be sure to check out our guide on how to find and replace outdated drivers across your whole system, not just for your video card.

It’s always good practice to keep your drivers up-to-date, especially when you’re suffering system issues. Have you got any tips to share for resolving driver issues?

When it comes to any driver, you should always go direct to the official source if you can as they’ll be safe to download. You can download a utility that will automatically detect your driver, but we can also use the information we learned from the Direct X Diagnostic Tool earlier to do the manual selection instead.

If you do go for the manual selection, make sure you’re selecting the legacy ATI drivers rather than the recent AMD ones.

This is especially recommended if you’re actually having display problems.

If you have the AMD Catalyst Control Center installed then you can use this utility to remove your drivers.

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