internet dating hell - Updating bios and raid

Some older drives don't have the capability to communicate that information to the BIOS and the parameters have to be set manually.Thankfully, most of the older drives have been taken out of service.

If you hit the ENTER key, you get the screen below.

This is the screen where you set the system clock and set several of the drive parameters.

Generally, there is no mouse capability in the BIOS.

Most all interaction uses the up/down arrows, the page up/down buttons and the ENTER key.

Some of the newer motherboards have mouse capability but can be navigated with the arrow keys as well.

If you're going to buy a motherboard and want to be able to use a mouse when working with the BIOS presets, look for one with a UEFI BIOS interface.

The information in the BIOS allows the computer to interface with the monitor, keyboard and mouse (among other things) until the OS can take over.

The BIOS is stored on a small IC that has a small amount of flash memory.

Before the computer can access the main OS, it's going to need a little help.

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