Updating bios gigabyte p55a ud4p bridgeport ct dating sex

I recently upgraded the stock heatsink to Noctua NNH-U12P SE2, PSU to OCZ Mod XStream Pro 700W ATX 20/24PIN, along with case Coolermaster Cm 690 II Advanced.

updating bios gigabyte p55a ud4p-14

Sadly, the only way forward now is to try the CPU in another rig, and then the PSU in another rig.

Note that the latter is risky, as is may blow rig #2 if it is the problem.

I power on and the 4 PHASE LED light up (all 4) and the CPU & GPU fans start to spin for about 1 second and then it shuts off.

I've had the motherboard, CPU and RAM running for about 4 months.

M I believe I found the culprit, the Gigabyte P55-UD4P motherboard. The fizz sound followed by a puff of smoke was a hint.

I tried resetting CPU and switched on the power this time the motherboard didn't instantly shut off but I heard a fizz followed by smoke and that awful smell we all fear.

The computer booted up and during a Prime95 stress test the computer powered off. With stock heatsink and Turbo enabled temps would reach 70C.

I then tried booting again and the problem started.

Now it's time to check and see what Gigabytes warranty is on it's motherboards. It the mean time I can't wait for a warranty replacement or repair because I'm sure these weeks or months to complete.

Any suggestions on a replacement 1156 motherboard for Intel i5?

I then connected the rest of the harddrives (2 more 7200 RPM sata2, 1 OCZ SSD, 2 sata2 DVDRW drives, and the case fans.

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