Updating bios windows xp importance of dating in relations

If it’s still a go, download the file that will create the disk sets for either the Home Edition or the Professional Edition.

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I strongly suggest it be read before a final decision is made.

A number of other articles are linked from the one below, including a download location for the Microsoft Windows Upgrade Advisor.

When I first put this page together I meant to include this information. One of the hazards of being an Elder(ly) Geek, but better late than never. Newer systems have what is known as Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) capability.

Unfortunately, XP doesn't always recognize a computer BIOS is ACPI capable and doesn't install the support for ACPI.

If the computer is up to snuff, the next step is to check the rest of the hardware against the Windows XP Hardware Compatibility List to see if it’s supported.

It’s possible, even likely, that one or more of your items won’t be on the list.Back up your data, test and verify the backup, and be sure the backup device you used will be available under Windows XP.With the previous tasks completed, it’s onward to the actual installation.Even though it's a 35MB download, running it will alert you to any hardware and software problems that may be encountered in your XP installation.If you aren’t familiar with the differences between FAT32 and NTFS file systems, now is the time to rectify that situation.That doesn’t mean you have to replace them or that they won’t work with XP, but it does mean you should visit the manufacturer site to check for XP drivers.

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