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However, the ordinary blackjack has rather low combat bonuses in both damage and accuracy wise (the exception to this is the maple blackjack having the same accuracy with its maple counterparts).

Offensive blackjack requires a certain Attack level, as well as a similar interval Thieving level to be equipped, progressing higher as the type of blackjack changes.

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Casino Kit: Blackjack is meant to be a close replica of real casino blackjack for Garry's Mod.

This script follows all the rules of real casino blackjack, and is meant to give the real casino experience. v=Ze Pkbi CAYzw folders to your garrysmod/addons folder replacing the existing folders if needed.

To obtain blackjacks the player must first complete the blackjack section of the Rogue Trader miniquest.

Once this is completed, the player can either buy ordinary/offensive blackjack or ordinary/defensive ones from Ali Morrisane and, if they want to switch types, can talk to the blackjack seller in Pollnivneach.

On the other hand, the defensive blackjacks require appropriate Defence and Thieving levels in order to be wielded.

The ordinary blackjack only requires a certain Thieving level to be wielded.

Make sure all casinokit scripts are up to date, so you don't have issues caused by different versions of casinokit. The old version had very limited options, and was actually made with some pretty messy code.

When Hobbes made the casino kit base, I scrapped the old version to rewrite a better script that was made to be compatible with other casino games.

It may be bought from Dodgy Derek for 1 coin, or obtained from the advanced pickpocketing trainer, both residing at the Thieves' Guild.

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