Updating bmw navigation

This article does not cover or support such an endevour.

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The right of the licencee to use this software is removed automatically if he or she violates one of the terms of this Agreement.

In this case the licencee is obliged to uninstall the software on his or her vehicle.

This license agreement subsequently applies solely insofar and to the extent to which within the licensing terms for open source software there are no other regulations contained.

A list of open source licenses used by BMW and the wording thereof is attached as a text file to the respective update package which can be downloaded here: de/update. BMW is the sole owner of the exclusive, irrevocable, assignable, unlimited rights of use in the software throughout the universe in perpetuity.

It did the job, but was excruciatingly slow, and lacked a lot of functionality, as well as graphical features when compared to the later models.

MKI computers used only CD-ROM maps, had an external compass, and required a trimble module in-between the computer and GPS antenna.After parts of the vehicle software have been updated, MINI offers the option for recently tested Bluetooth or USB devices to be used in the vehicle. To do so, all you need is a standard USB device with sufficient memory capacity.Of course, your MINI Service Partner will also have a USB device in stock for you to purchase.In this article, we will discuss in-depth the steps required to upgrade your BMW’s navigation computer, display, software, and maps.The information in this article is only applicable to BMWs that speak the same ‘language’.The MKI and MKII look identical (identifiable with a square eject button).

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