Updating creative zen firmware accommodating translate

My XP PC recognised the Micro as connected and I checked Device Manager which showed the "device is working properly".

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I now want to run Audible software to listen to their books so I downloaded the firmware update L6_2_2_02from the Creative support site which is stated as providing the Audible? I backed up the Micro contents using Creative Meadia Source Organiser. This started OK and I got a series of messages about what was happening.

The series of actions I have taken so far are these: I got my Micro in January 2006.

Following their web site recovery instructions got me into this mess so I guess? This is a shame as it is a nice little player for my music collection. After updating the firmware did you update the Media Source plug-in? BTW the ver.065 is the Recovery console version not the firmware version.

The PFS plug-in is the one you would need to install. Remember the firmware update does not work when WMP is installed.

Your player enters Standby mode when you use the Sleep Timer or Idle Shutdown functions, or after you turn off your player. For more details, read the rest of this web release not Playing music is fun with the Creative Zen Touch's easy navigation.

Fixes * Prevents battery drain when the player is charged with an AC adapter already plugged into a live power outlet * Restores proper functionality after disconnecting the power adaptor or transferring content using Zen Media Explorer * Redirects playback properly when skipping to the beginning of a WMA track Requirements * Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Millennium Edition or Windows 98 Second Edition * USB port (2.0 or 1.1) * Creative Zen Micro Note To install the new firmware in your Zen Micro 1. Available in both 20GB and 40GB, it is built to hold 10,000 WMA songs and 16,000 WMA songs respectively with an incredible 24 hour battery life at 128kbps MP3 or 32 hour at 48kbps.

The Zen Micro is not on the list as supporting the MP3 Player Recovery Tool so I did not use that.

I followed the Reload Failure recovery instructions and ran Clean UP, then Format All, but this did not fix it so I ran Reload Firmware on the Micro.

Now when I try to run the firmware update from my Win XP PC, I select English then I get the message "Your player is not connected, please connect your player".

I checked again and XP still recognises the Micro and the device is working.

It is no longer recognised by Windows Media Player but just? The Micro now shows the firmware as v 0.0.65, but now it is stuck in Recovery Mode.

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