Updating datatable

A typical scenario is, say you have to loop through a Data Table rows and do some calculations on the rows and delete some rows depending on the condition.

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The Update method retrieves rows from the table listed in the first mapping before performing an update.

The Update then refreshes the row using the value of the property. After any data is loaded back into the Data Set, the On Row Updated event is raised, allowing the user to inspect the reconciled Data Set row and any output parameters returned by the command.

If I understand what you want rightly, what I would do in your situation would be performing two parallel editions at the same time: DB and [email protected] Right.

I understand that, I searched on it and apparently a Table Adapter would be needed along with my Data Set?

Describes the database application programming interfaces (APIs) that support options for updating data at the current position of a result set.

Transact-SQL server cursors also support updating data at the current row of a cursor.If Source Column refers to a nonexistent column, the action taken depends on one of the following Missing Mapping Action values.The Source Column property is also used to map the value for output or input/output parameters back to the Data Set.These modifications do not affect the source, but the involved Data Grid View cells.If you want to affect the source, the changes will not be reflected in the Data Grid View immediately, you have to refresh/re-link.After a row updates successfully, the changes to that row are accepted.

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