Random facetime sex chat - Updating firmware on panasonic blu ray player

As long as other movies are working ok, the most likely cause is the disc uses some technology your player doesn’t yet support.

Even though they’ve been around for years, the DVD and Blu-ray formats are constantly being improved and tinkered with to take advantage of the best and latest advances the boffins can come up with.

The is that the PS3 gets firmware updates regularly and hopefully this will correct these issues. If you make money creating BD discs then I would highly suggest having a regular set top unit like the Panasonic BD-30 for confirming discs that won’t play on a PS3.

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, I thought I should mention a few basic 101 tips to help people just getting started with BR authoring.

FIRMWARE WARS – if you are making BD-R’s for yourself or for your customers, it a good idea to get to know the more popular Blu-ray players. Most of the older Blu-ray players need a firmware update to play BD-R or BD-RE (re-writeable). I’ve heard arguments ranging from constant changing of the Blu-ray spec to copyright issues.

If your player is playing your burned media OK – then .

These guys do a great job of keeping up with the issues and firmware links. DMP-BD10 DMP-BD30 Sony: BDP-S1Playstation 3 – – would not play BD-R media but had no problems playing BR-RE media.You will see a ton of posts ranging from links to download the firmware(always look for the manufactures site first) to issues with the current firmware. Most require you to download the file and burn it to a CD-R.When you load the CD-R in the player, it will read the file and ask you confirm the update.Look at the box near the top of the page marked "Latest Firmware." Look down the list to find the model number that corresponds with your player. Press "Enter." If you select "No," the player's tray will open for you to retrieve the disc.Working in sunny Florida, Anne Baley has been writing professionally since 2009.Hello, Ihave a blu ray copy of the first series of Homeland that has been playing on my NAD blu ray player.

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