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Thousands of businesses and GPS users depend on Expert GPS mapping software to upload and download Garmin nüvi 750 waypoints, routes, and tracks, make maps of their GPS data over seamless USGS topo maps and aerial photos, and convert and transfer Garmin nüvi 750 data to and from Excel, Google Earth, Arc GIS, and Auto CAD.We've collected dozens of tips and tricks designed to save you time and money when mapping with your Garmin nüvi 750.Browse Garmin nüvi 750 tips by category: Garmin Data Upload and Download, Map Making, Adding Waypoints and POIs, Tracklog Tricks, Coordinate Conversion, Google Earth and KML, Arc GIS and Shapefiles, Auto CAD DXF, Creating a Custom Garmin Basemap, Geotagging your Photos, Downloading updates for your Garmin nüvi 750 Download a fully-featured trial of Expert GPS, or buy your copy today.

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Why waste time entering new waypoints on the tiny screen of your Garmin nüvi 750? Use the New Waypoint dialog in Expert GPS to create new waypoints and POI listings for your Garmin GPS.

As you type, Expert GPS automatically suggests the best possible name for this waypoint on your GPS. Expert GPS automatically calculates the acreage of any parcel, field, or tract no matter how irregular, when you record the boundary with your Garmin nüvi 750 or trace it over the maps in Expert GPS.

Expert GPS calculates the acreage enclosed by your Garmin nüvi 750 tracklog. Calculate area by marking GPS waypoints at the corners of a field or parcel.

In Expert GPS, connect those waypoints into a route, and the acreage is automatically calculated. Calculate area by tracing over a map or aerial photo.

Expert GPS can transfer Garmin nüvi 750 waypoints, routes, and tracks through your computer's USB port.

It only takes a second or two to download all of the data from your Garmin using Expert GPS.Instantly switch between topo maps, aerial photos, and color urban imagery using the T, A, and U keys in Expert GPS.This ability to toggle back-and-forth between several views of your GPS data is unique to Expert GPS, and is one of its most popular features.Backup your nüvi 750 waypoints, routes, and tracks by using Expert GPS to transfer them to your laptop or desktop computer.Now you've got a safe back-up of all of the important data on your nüvi 750, and use Expert GPS to find and create new waypoints, routes, and tracks to download to your Garmin GPS.Expert GPS comes preloaded with all the line patterns and cartographic styles you need to draw highways, railroad tracks, transmission lines, streams, and more.

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