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However, I’ve had no more training than the two days of workshops run at the conference! ” In my haste I’d built both virtual machines in the same LPAR. I still don’t really know how all this stuff works, but I’m getting better!

The workshops were excellent (held at the Epcot Center at Walt Disney World, no less! So I’ve been trying to build some systems and teach myself more about running Oracle. IBM System z: com/systems/z or com/systems/au/z Linux on System z: com/systems/z/os/linux/Oracle z Series SIG: Database: Miniconf is a term I picked up from au — the z Series SIG didn’t advertise its event as a miniconf, but as a convenient name for a “conference-in-a-conference” I’m using the term here.

In fact, the instructions for the COD say I need to add page and spool datasets to the COD before I can do anything productive with the system…

A while before that they had announced E-Business Suite as available for Linux on System z, but at the time the database behind it had to be 10g.

Shortly after 30 March, they followed up the 11g R2 announcement with a statement of support for the Oracle 11g R2 database on Linux on System z as a backend for E-Business Suite — the complete, up-to-date Oracle stack was now available on Linux on System z!

Methods for Adding a New Device Adding a new device to an MVS system hasn’t changed much over the years.

You must define the device to the hardware, define the device to the software, and then activate these two changes.

I had to define the virtual OSA to appear at the z/OS guest on a CHPID that in the real IOCDS was an actual OSA.

This solved my problem, and allowed me to bring up TCP/IP and TN3270.

Now I can look at what to do to start the Server Pac installation.

Before I do that though, I’m pretty sure I have to allocate some DASD.

Like a company that has placed 250 Linux server guests onto z/VM inside a year, freezing acquisition of new discrete servers.

In the old days, it wasn’t a big deal to take down an entire MVS-based mainframe to add new hardware devices.

I thought I’d gotten off to a good start too — I’d installed a standalone system, then went on to build a two-node RAC. “So the two nodes are running in different LPARs, so we can demonstrate high-availability? Tags: IOUG, Linux, Oracle, RAC, systemz, z/VM I’ve been away from SHARE for far too long.

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