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There are several approaches to using the Live Update SDK.

Implement logic to retrieve a configuration for a relevant segment.

When some user makes a change, it becomes visible to all others immediately.

The request to this adapter contains in its body all the required information to decide which segment the end-user belongs to and sends it back to the application.

To obtain the configuration by parameters, use the Live Update API to send the request: The arguments that are provided by the application using the Live Update client SDK are then passed to the Live Update adapter and from there to the Segment Resolver adapter.

The purpose of this adapter is to provide custom business logic for retrieving a segment based on the application/device/user context and applicative custom parameters.

To use a Segment Resolver adapter: The Segment Resolver adapter defines a REST interface.

Live Update supports defining and consuming segment-based configurations, making it easy to make segment-based customizations to the application.

Common use cases can be: Once deployed, the Live Update Settings screen is then revealed for each registered application.

Many updates to hybrid applications involve only web stack (Java Script/HTML/CSS/fonts) changes and no native code changes at all.

With this package, you can provide your users convenient updates.

Replace “segment-name”, “property-name” and “feature-name” with your own.

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