Free sexroulette chatroom - Updating lmhost file

The whole process took me only 10 minutes, and it works! We're a friendly computing community, bustling with knowledgeable members to help solve your tech questions.I am looking at to see if I can create powershell script to update the contents in the host file.

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You can't edit the hosts file without elevated permissions.

@jano Presumably that issue now exists with apps on the Mac App Store.

I also changed the regex in the split to look for any white space, not just tab.

For me the biggest pain in dealing with the hosts file is remembering where it is.

Host files are generally READ ONLY, in other words you cannot modify them in general.

To edit a host file, you need to remove it from READ ONLY constraint and then move it anywhere else to edit it.

VERY simple, elegant, and solved my problems with i Device App installation in-house.

By the way, solves many name resolution problems with regular macs (OS X) as well. Making a device safe should not include castrating the operating system or the developers.

Host files are the files used by Microsoft TCP/IP for windows.

It shows the mapping of the IP address with its corresponding Host name.

If you specify any IP address and its corresponding host name, the work of DNS becomes simpler, thereby making the lookup faster, and the web site can be accessed more easily.

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