Updating media center

Update: When we initially posted this article it seemed like it would be mostly good news for Windows Media Center fans.

For some people, you won’t need to take any action at all, but for others you will.

In some cases you may be required to walk through the TV Setup experience again.

We were wrong, but that’s about to change for the better!

Windows Media Center has used Zap2It as it’s guide data source for years. It doesn’t make sense for Microsoft to use multiple providers to get essentially the same data, so starting today Microsoft is converging their guide data.

If you’re having troubles, please check out these places for troubleshooting steps and tips to fix it.

The Green Button: Media Center EPG Cutover Microsoft Connect: Media Guide Expired Most of the Windows Media Center news this year has focused around whether or not our favorite DVR software is being killed off. One of the primary reasons we’ve said that it isn’t dead is that Microsoft continues to make Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data available to the Media Center guide.This guide data provider change was unexpected, but it’s good news for Windows Media Center users.This move is geared towards providing guide data at least through the end of the support life cycle for both Windows 7 and Windows 8.We’re not sure on what specifically could cause you to walk through TV Setup again, but we were told by Microsoft that it is a possibility for a small number of customers.It’s also worth noting that you should watch the behavior of your recordings over the next few days.If you experience any unanticipated issues, you can report your issue at the Program Guide Feedback Center on Microsoft Connect.

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