Updating os on palm pixi 1 4 5

When I was told this, and since I only use the Voice feature for rare 'emergency' and 'notice' calls, then I opted for the Standard Plan of for 100 minutes that expire after 120 days (/year).

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The phone will try to use data silently in the background for you.

But you can make it so that it won't do it via carrier data.

I also like the Accu Weather app and about 16 others.

UPDATE: I got the dedicated Palm stereo headset for about $3 and discovered that double-clicking the Mic Mute button will advance to the next song (FF) - see review: Palm Stereo Headset for Palm Pixi and Palm Pre .

UPDATE: plugging and unplugging the charge cord was starting to be a chore, so I bought the Touch Stone inductive charger from Palm where you just lay the phone on top of the thing - Palm Touchstone Charging Dock for Palm Pre and Palm Pixi.

You have to use a special jacket w/ the Touch Stone, and I chose one in bright orange - Palm Pixi Touchstone Cover (orange)UPDATE: THE HOLY GRAIL FOUND -- 'Mark' commented on Chuck Homic's post on Jun 16, 2011 - how to keep voice calls coming in while shutting off cellular data usage but still allowing for Wi Fi data flow: Mark says -"Mobile hotspot is *not* the only way to consume data.

I held down the power button until the PALM light lit up on-screen. The phone tried twice to call Verizon and activate itself, to no avail.

On another phone, I called the Page Plus Cellular toll-free number and gave them the Pixi's MEID and the phone number that I wanted ported from my active, prepaid Verizon phone.

Sometimes I get a little annoyed that the touch screen isn't super responsive, that the operating system can seem a bit sluggish, that the camera is only 2 megapixels, or that apps periodically crash, and then I remind myself that this thing ONLY COST !

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