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Farley: “The scientific case is not dependent on citation of authority, no matter how distinguished the authority may be.

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And even the often-conservative Robert Scribbler points out in his 18 July 2014 essay: “NASA’s CARVE study has been silent for a year, the University of Maryland has stopped putting out publicly available AIRS methane data measures, the NOAA ESRL methane flask measures, possibly due to lack of funding, haven’t updated since mid-May, and even Gavin Schmidt over at NASA GISS appears to have become somewhat mum on a subject that, of late, has generated so much uncomfortable controversy.” (Apocalypse 4 Real blog responded to Scribbler on 24 July 2014, and the response is linked here.) Schmidt increased his efforts to discredit the work of other scientists in early October 2014 with unfounded, unprofessional behavior.

His insanity was made apparent in an interview for the August 2015 issue of with a single sentence: “There’s no actual evidence that anything dramatically different is going on in the Arctic, other than the fact that it’s melting pretty much everywhere.” In addition, the consolidation of the scientific publishing industry is accelerating, with expected, profit-based results.

Habitat for human animals is disappearing throughout the world, and abrupt climate change has barely begun. As a result, relying on prior events to predict the near future is unwise.

***** I’m often accused of cherry picking the information in this ever-growing essay.

A German-language version of this essay, updated 26 June 2014, is available in pdf form here with my thanks to Wermer Winkler.

A Russian version focused on self-reinforcing feedback loops, courtesy of Robin Westenra and colleagues, is here.The concept is supported by an article in the February 2013 issue of pointing out that climate-change scientists routinely underestimate impacts “by erring on the side of least drama” (also see overviews of this phenomenon from and from 15 July 2014, the latter from the U. National Research Council as reported by Truth-out).Even the climatic response to greenhouse gases has been too conservative, as reported in the 14 December 2015 online issue of .A Polish version, updated often, is available here.American actress Lily Tomlin is credited with the expression, “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.” With respect to climate science, my own efforts to stay abreast are blown away every week by new data, models, and assessments. foreign secretary said in September 2008 on BBC America television~, with respect to climate change: “Will it harm our children? Actually, it’s a problem for us today.” As Halldor Thorgeirsson, a senior director with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, said on 17 September 2013: “We are failing as an international community.He has called for investigations of climate scientists affiliated with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and NASA, and inundated climate researchers at major universities across the country with records requests that critics say are designed to distract them from their work.

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