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Our old 2003 server had quickbooks database server installed which seemed to work fine.

Unfortunately, if you are not an ‘enterprise’ quickbooks customer there is no linux version of the database server available.

The Quick Books Connection Diagnostic Tool is a small application that will test the connection between client and database server manager and help you to understand what is happening.

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Recently I was involved in a project moving a company’s files from a old 2003 windows exchange server to a mac mini server setup.

The first setup was to move from Exchange’s email and calendaring to Google Apps.

After you install this tool, fire it up, click Browse, locate your company data file, and click Test Connectivity.

If you don't get green check marks, you know there's an issue connecting to the database server.

You can still ping the machine, still access it directly via mouse keyboard, but accessing the file system or connecting to the quickbooks database will cease to work.

I don’t have enough windows knowledge to know if this is a windows bug or not, but I’ve scheduled an automated restart twice a week and this seems to fix the issue.

After that step was complete we moved the shared files drive over to thunderbolt RAID 5 storage attached to a mac mini server device.

The transition was pretty smooth, however there was one problem which wasted a significant amount of time.

Quick Books seemed to rely on the WINS (a crappy windows replacement for DNS) server to some extent. To active the file you have to remove the extension (watch out for hidden extensions).

After editing the lmhosts file (same location as hosts file in windows) and manually adding the Net BIOS entries everything seemed to work. On the machines that are using quickbooks both the hosts and lmhosts file have manual entries for the QB server. The Windows XP Quick Books Server will seemingly disappear from the network.

Note that Quick Books at this stage would correctly report an incorrect password.

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