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--Create the Test schema CREATE SCHEMA Test ; GO -- Create a table CREATE TABLE Test.

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Sequences, unlike identity columns, are not associated with tables.

An application refers to a sequence object to receive its next value.

For information about the options, see CREATE SEQUENCE.

Unlike identity column values, which are generated when rows are inserted, an application can obtain the next sequence number before inserting the row by calling the NEXT VALUE FOR function.

A sequence is created independently of the tables by using the CREATE SEQUENCE statement.

Options enable you to control the increment, maximum and minimum values, starting point, automatic restarting capability, and caching to improve performance.Sequence numbers inserted into a table can have gaps when a transaction is rolled back, when a sequence object is shared by multiple tables, or when sequence numbers are allocated without using them in tables.When created with the CACHE option, an unexpected shutdown, such as a power failure, can lose the sequence numbers in the cache.Finally, the sequence number so that reports that combine all events can uniquely identify each event.However the event data is stored in three different tables, depending on the type of event.If there are multiple instances of the NEXT VALUE FOR function specifying the same sequence generator within a single Transact-SQL statement, all those instances return the same value for a given row processed by that Transact-SQL statement.

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