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How adequate any particular network is for running Dyn Ed courseware depends on a number of factors, including how much video the course has, how many simultaneous users there are, and how much other traffic there is on the network.

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Network Evaluation by Dyn Ed Testing Your Network Ordering Site Licenses Installing Courses Example Configuration #1 Example Configuration #2 General Recommendations Other Information All Dyn Ed programs can be networked!

Students can easily access the programs from any station on the network.

Melodyne is employed worldwide in countless major studios and by thousands of professionals every day, for vocal correction and for the enhancement of recordings, as well as for creative editing of a kind that would be unthinkable without Melodyne. Sticking tapes, warbling vinyl, defective playback speeds: Mechanical problems have rendered many precious historic recordings unusable. In Capstan, there is now a professional tool for removing wow and flutter.

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On average, for our video-based courses (Functioning in Business and The Lost Secret) video is playing 80% of the time.

For New Dynamic English, Dynamic Business English, and Clear Speech Works the video is playing an average of 20% of the time.

These include all Linux, Windows, Mac servers and even NAS (Network Attached Storage).

An overview of some typical network configurations which run Dyn Ed programs, and a detailed listing of the minimum types of client computers needed for different Dyn Ed courses can be found in Example Network Configurations on the following pages.

For our non-video courses, it can be assumed that audio is playing 90% of the time.

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