Updating templates in dreamweaver

The last digit changes it's a minor version update.

For a minor version there are no changes to the database and the changes are normally localized to any one particular script.

You can always pick up the latest updater here by adding the email address you originally purchased your store with to the field there.

updating templates in dreamweaver-2

Please read our forum post before making any changes to the css. (This can be done several times if necessary with no adverse effects).

Make sure ALL files have been copied from the updater download to the server.

We also made the forms on the following pages css based, affiliates, client login, donations, gift certificates, orders status and tracking.

It means that if you are updating from a previous version you will need the file called which provides all the css formatting for the various checkout steps, the search form and aforementioned pages.

In Version 6.6 we added more css classes to the file and included the file in the updater to streamline the process.

We suggest adding the css file to all your store pages as for example the mini-login and captcha forms will need the new classes.

We recommend that you back up your site and database before running the updater or when making any major changes to your site.

In Version 6.5 we introduced the css based shopping cart and search layout.

This is particularly relevant for users who have made custom modifications to the the vsadmin and inc files and are concerned about the effects of running an updater.

When an updater is released you can see if it's a major or minor update by the format of the update version number.

The updaters are free for the first 6 months and will then cost an extra .95 if you wish to continue.

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